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There are five state dormitories serving students. The dormitories have a capacity of more than 3000 students and their monthly pay ranges between 40-80 euros.
  • Danişmend Gazi Dormitory for Boys Tel: (436) 212 13 49
  • Sultan Alparslan Dormitory for GirlsTel: (436) 213 03 32
  • Müştak Baba Dormitory for Girls (A-B-C-D Blocks) Tel: (436) 213 03 32
  • Müştak Baba Dormitory for Boys (E Block) Tel: (436) 213 03 32
  • Malazgirt Dormitory for Girls Tel: +90 436 511 40 22
  • Malazgirt Dormitory for Boys Tel: +90 436 511 40 22
There are many private dormitories beside the state dormitories in the campus and city centre that are in service of the students. In addition to this, 1+1 flats, furnished houses and other flats providing convenience to students are available in the city centre. The rent cost for a three-room apartment flat is about 120 Euro per month excluding water and electricity costs. 
Note: Erasmus Office will help you to find a convenient place to accomodate. 
Food Services
Finding food is the last thing that the students of Muş Alparslan University will be worried about. There are many places to go to for eating and taking part in social activities. There is a 6100 m2 and three storied central cafeteria in campus. This central cafeteria consists of a student cafeteria, a student dining hall and a staff dining hall. A great part of the students meet their catering needs in the dining hall where lunch and dinner are served with reasonable prices, and the meals here, composed of soup, main dish and a desert or fruit are subsidized by the university and cost about 2 liras (appr. 0,20 euro). In addition, canteens in the campus offer a variety of choices of food ranging from snacks to fast food to cooked meals to suit students’ desires.
There is a shopping centre on the main campus within walking distance from all departments. This centre contains a post office, markets, gift shops, a bookshop, a confectionary, a laundry, stationery, a hairdresser, restaurants and cafes. Being a proper place with many selection of food, this restaurant is preferred by a large portion of students for lunch as well as for dinners.

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