25.01.2022 13:01


Muş Alparslan University believes that it is necessary to do various cultural and sport activities beside quality education. With this aim, the activities are diversified by adding new domains in the direction of the students. The number of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, theatres, cinemas and sport competitions which are held in the conference and sports halls in our campuses are increasing day by day and year by year. Our students have been brought together with Turkey’s leading intellectuals, scientists and artists up to now.
Our students can benefit from the social activities held in our campus for free like concert, theatre, contest and sports. Muş Alparslan University cares about the st5udents’ sports activities. With this aim, a 1500 people capacity  and sixteen thousand square meters modern sport complex of which nine thousand square meters are indoor will come into service in campus.
Besides these, for the students’ sportive facilities, there are 1 basketball court, 1 football court, 1 tennis court in Vocational School and 1 gymnasium in Faculty of Science and Arts. 
Also, there are some different facilities for the students like Ski resort located near campus and rafting organizations held on Murat River. 

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