28.01.2022 13:23

Mus Alparslan University (MAUN) has been following an internalization plan to sustain visibility in international arena since it was granted with Erasmus University Charter in 2008. MAUN’s main objective is to achieve internalization and exellence in education and research. The university’s strategic plan for internalization includes; enhancing international competitiveness, promoting and publicising our strengths on the international stage, increasing the number of international student mobility, increasing the number of international staff mobility, increasing the number of international agreements, sharing good practices with international universities, and developing programmes that prepare students to succeed in the modern world.
To ensure international recognition, MAUN has designed its educational programs, course competencies and learning outcomes in accordance with Bologna Process. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) has been used in all programs offered by the university.
MAUN aims to modernize its education and training system by promoting internalization in Higher Education System. Also, it tries to extend the scope of its international cooperations to prepare students and staff for global environments. International cooperations provide our students and staff with opportunities to broaden their experiences. Also, MAUN supports higher education institues in Member States and beyond for the internalization of their national education and training systems. Improving the quality of education and training systems through mutual learning, comparision and exchange of best practices are promoted by MAUN. We adopt an inclusive and holistic approach and encourage our students and staff to participate as global citizens.
The university has already existing networks and partners from many Member States and various other countries. However, we aim to extend our partnerships in accordance with the needs of our students and staff. For that reason, international partners which can contribute to the quality development are chosen and sustaining long-term partnerships with them is of great importance for us. We build partnerships on the basis of maintaining continuity in student and staff mobility. Strategic partnerships are also important for the university as they enchances the possibility to participate in EU funded programs.
Common aims and interests are also effective on our choice of partners. MAUN’s priorities for modernisation strategy are:
1- To increase the number of higher education graduates.
2- To improve the quality and relevance of higher education; employability skills of students are supported through the programme. For this reason, MAUN gives importance to curriculum update in accordance with market need.
3- To strengthen quality through mobility and cross-border co-operation; academic and administrative staff is going to be equipped with abilities to teach and train in a foreign country. Also, MAUN aims to increase the number of mobile students.
4- To strengthen “knowledge triangle”; education, research and business are integrated to increase the employability of the graduates.
5- To improve governance and funding; MAUN is looking for different funding sources and new alternatives. Participation in Erasmus Program has enabled MAUN to reach these priorities through implemantation of EU standarts into its education system. Also, international visibility and transparency of the university has been strengthened through mobilities.

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